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Sunday, June 25, 2006

A little about the HCDC Webmaster and website......


Greetings all:

This blog was first created to increase awareness of diving activities in Taiwan for both locals and the expat community, especially in my area " Hsinchu County, " but not excusively!

As a PADI Divemaster professional is is my desire to further diving activities for all certified divers by providing a forum to discuss dive related issues.

Main Topics to be discussed..

- Dive trips and excursions

- Dive courses and PADI instruction

- Equipment concerns; buying and servicing

- The world below; photos and discussion


My interest in diving was first piqued 6 years ago when I took a PADI Discovery dive course of Panglao Island just off Bohol in the central Philippines, I've been back there 5 times already!

After seeing what the world below had to offer in terms of inspiration and freedom, I immediately took the PADI Open Water course and dived for the remainder of my holiday. Diving took me to many other places, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Taiwan ...etc....

At first diving was a thing to do on vacation, a means to get more out of the trips to exotic beaches in Asia. As I met other divers and listened to their conversations I became intrigued of the places they had dived and the wonderous stories of their underwater creature encounters. Up until them I was mainly enjoying the " Buzz" of seeing the world through coral colored eyes,...WOW did you see that fish! became a usual phrase after dives.

I soon cam e to realize that I wanted to get more out of diving and began to read up on the names and habits of aquatic marine life. Soon I came to say " WOW did you see that titan trigger?, that huge honeycomb grouper! and found enjoyment in discussing the things I saw with others. I took more PADI courses when ever I went on holiday, and eventually decided that if I ever want to live in the Philippines and dive everyday I'd have to become at least a divemaster and eventually an instructor since I couldn't subsist on my teaching credential there. I watched other divemasters and instructors laze around the beach between classes and dives, the focal point of animated discussion with other divers and tourists and said to myself " I could do that! What a life these guys have..."

So here I am an active status PADI divemaster, offering guided dives in Taiwan. This is the life!


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