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Friday, October 27, 2006

Wreck Photos - Tobormory

This year's trip to Canada took me and diving buddy Alon to the Fathom Five National Marine Park. Canada's " Scuba Capital of Canada" Hmmm wonder if Vancouver claims that too.... It was a trip to remember with my first "cold" Brrrrr 7C! and "fresh" water dives. The acclaimed wrecks of Georgian Bay didn't disappoint, cold clear water and untarnished turn-of-the century wrecks defy words, so I've dedicated this page to some poetic quotes about the lure of diving and wrecks....

Now that I had heard a part of his history, he appeared singularly destitute,—a captain without any vessel, only a greatcoat! and that perhaps a borrowed one! Not even a dog followed him; only his title stuck to him.

-Henry David Thoreau.

Toll for the brave

The brave! that are no more:

All sunk beneath the wave,

Fast by their native shore.

-William Cowper

SCUBA diving is sensual. To breathe underwater is one of the most fascinating and peculiar sensations imaginable. Breathing becomes a rhythmic melody of inhalations and exhalations. The cracks and pops of fish and crustaceans harmonize with the rhythmic chiming of the bubbles as you exhale. Soon, lungs act as bellows, controlling your buoyancy as you achieve weightlessness. And, as in your dreams, you are flying. Combine these otherworldly stimuli and you surrender completely to the sanctuary of the underwater world.

Karen Berger 'Scuba Diving Mag'

At daybreak, on the bleak sea-beach,A fisherman stood aghast,To see the form of a maiden fair,Lashed close to a drifting mast.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

In diving to the bottom of pleasure we bring up more gravel than pearls.

Honore de Balzac


At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Pictures look great Paul, Ive been watching for you on the skype and yahoo.mess. Hope all is well, Love D


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